Animals like Diamond need your help

This Christmas, thousands of animals will pass through our shelter.


Every single one of these animals urgently needs a Guardian Angel to help care for them at what may be the lowest point in their lives. Some – rescued from cruelty – are sick or injured when they arrive. Others, like Diamond and her eight puppies, are close to starving to death.

As cost of living pressures continue to increase, some households are now struggling with the costs of pet ownership.But it's not only the number of animals who will need us this Christmas that's of concern. It's also the length of time they'll need our help, and that means the cost of caring for them increases.

When you become a Guardian Angel, you can choose to help look after a dog, a cat, or one of the other animals in our shelter. You'll then receive a photo and details of the animal you're helping.

Please make your gift to become a Guardian Angel today and help give animals like Diamond and her puppies a new start this Christmas.

Give the gift of kindness to animals in need this Christmas

Become an RSPCA Guardian Angel today.

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